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This Is How You Rock A Long Cardigan With A Short Skirt

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  • October 3, 2022

Generally, a sweater that has an open front and displays buttons that can close the garment, is known as a cardigan. You can simply put your arms into the sleeves and you don’t need to pull it over your head. Cardigans more than often demonstrate a very fine knit that offers them a lightweight, thin feel, making them an amazing layering piece.

One of the most popular bulk USA clothing manufacturers brings a large collection of impressive women’s cardigans in different styles, lengths, shapes, and sizes!

Long cardigans are quite popular these days and they can come anywhere between mid-thigh to your ankle. Sweaters that go beyond the knee are sometimes referred to as ‘’longline cardigans’’, while sweaters that reach up to your ankles are called ‘’maxi cardigans or dusters’’.

Long cardigans are such a wardrobe staple that you can style for many events and occasions, and when you partner them with a mini or short skirt, you create a dynamic combination! In fact, for many women, it is their favorite way to style a long cardigan. It’s just what you need when you experience odd ‘warm fall’ weather.

Styling a long cardigan with a skirt

  • Tip #1— The length of the cardigan

As discussed already, the long cardigans come in various lengths, right from hip to mid-thigh to your knee to ankle. When you are styling for fall, a suggestion would be to go for the knee-length ones. They are just ideal to partner with short or mini-skirts as this length ensures that your cardigan is rightly longer than your skirt. This also creates a different look for the viewer as most of the time, the bottom of the skirt reaches down the knee or to the knee.

  • Tip #2— The length and style of the skirt

The length of the skirt should again be decided based on the place where you are going to sport it. While a mini-skirt would be best for club night-outs with friends and dates, a short denim skirt that hits right above your knee would be much more workplace-appropriate. To cut down on the extra bulkiness, a suggestion would be to opt for straight or A-line skirts. Though denim skirts look great always, still, there is no hard and fast rule that you need to stick to it. If you want then you can play with different fabrics. Velvet, suede, corduroy— the options are endless!

  • Tip #3— Color combination

Settling for denim skirts, you actually have a blank canvas. While a deep maroon shade cardigan will go well with a classic blue denim skirt, you can also consider pairing a lovely beige color skirt with an olive-green cardigan to get a smart sophisticated look.

  • Tip #4— About the top

As the cardigan and skirt combo is quite a powerful one, what you can do is, keep your top simple. A striped tee or tank top will do.

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