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Jumpsuits Trending For Now And Forever!

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  • March 5, 2024

Jumpsuits are one of those clothing pieces that never go out of fashion. Available in a broad range of styles and offering endless possibilities for accessorizing, they are here to stay. Other than giving a voguish look to the wearer, they rank high in comfort and versatility as well. Often associated with freedom and power, they show people that you mean business.

If jumpsuits are your favorites and you want to know more about these one-piece wonders, continue reading!

The Arrival Of The Jumpsuits

In the 1890s, the bib & brace or overall was developed by Levi Strauss. Soon, it became the staple attire for hardworking rural men and women. Due to its functionality, this piece was remarkably popular. In 1919, soon after this, a slim-fitting one-piece covering the legs and arms was created for the dangerous work of skydivers and parachuters. The history of the jumpsuit continues twenty years later during World War 2 when the coveralls or the looser-fitting boiler suit was adopted by female munition workers like Rosie the Riveter. And, in no time, they became the symbol of freedom.

The bodysuit or the snug-fit catsuit used to be the uniform of gymnasts and other athletes. This clothing piece later became the costume choice of renowned celebs such as David Bowie, Elvis, Mike Jagger, Freddy Mercury, and Cher. As a result, jumpsuits were able to enter into the fashion world. The jumpsuits, over the span of one century, have moved from the shop floor to the racetracks to pilots to paratroopers to the stage, and finally to today’s popular fashion.

Most-loved Fabric Options For Jumpsuits

Clothing manufacturers construct jumpsuits out of different materials but the most popular ones are:

Denim- One of the most long-lasting and stylish fabric options is denim. This material is ideal not only for making casual jumpsuits but for dressier styles as well, which makes it pretty versatile. Known for their longevity, denim jumpsuits can last for years. All you have to do is care for them a bit.

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Linen- A breathable, lightweight fabric, linen is perfect for summer jumpsuits. Jumpsuits crafted out of linen can be found in a broad range of patterns and colors. As they offer a dressier look, they are ideal for events that need semi-formal attire.

custom linen jumpsuit

Cotton- Because of its breathability and softness, most jumpsuits are created out of cotton. It’s a versatile material that can be used for making different kinds of jumpsuits.

cotton jumpsuits supplier

Rayon- As it offers true comfort and breathability to the wearer, rayon is a favorite material for many manufacturers. You can see rayon jumpsuits in various patterns and styles.

wholesale rayon jumpsuits

Polyester- Versatile, durable, and easy to care for, polyester is a popular choice for jumpsuits. Being a synthetic material, it doesn’t wrinkle, fade, or shrink easily.

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The Jumpsuits That Deserve A Place In Your Closet

When it comes to jumpsuit styles, you will find a never-ending variety in the market. However, the ones given below have been making headlines lately:

Romper-style Jumpsuits

Romper-style jumpsuits feature shorts instead of pants. Often designed for casual wear, they are heavily used during the summer months.

romper style jumpsuit manufacturer

Formal Jumpsuits

Ideal for black-tie events or weddings, formal jumpsuits are designed for formal occasions. They are crafted from rich, luxurious fabrics such as satin or silk, featuring more fitted, tailored designs.

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Athletic Jumpsuits

Athletic jumpsuits are crafted for sports and other physical activities. Usually, they are made with the help of sweat-wicking, breathable materials and come with many supportive features.

athletic jumpsuits wholesale

Utility Jumpsuits

Utility jumpsuits are constructed for practical use. They are the best for outdoor activities or as workwear. These jumpsuits are generally made from long-lasting fabrics like canvas or denim and often feature plenty of pockets and other functional details.

utility jumpsuits manufacturer

Jumpsuits In Bridal Fashion

Wedding fashion trends are evolving. Gone are the days of conventional veils and ball gowns. In fact, these days, leaving the silk and satin gowns, many brides have been going for unconventional looks on their big day. In recent years, one trend that has been gaining huge popularity is the jumpsuit bridal look.

If you have a more traditional taste, you may not find it very appealing but if you like to stay trendy always and have a love for the unusual, you are going to fall for it.

They not only offer a unique and refreshing take on bridal fashion but they make sure that the bride remains relaxed and comfortable on her big day. They offer the flexibility to move around and dance freely, and come at a far more affordable price than the conventional wedding gowns.

The bonus? From romantic chiffon and lace styles to sleek and classy designs, there is something for every bride!

bridal jumpsuits manufacturer

Jumpsuits Are Getting A Chic Makeover This Year

A seemingly simple (not so simple) jumpsuit from Saint Laurent has been a memorable moment for many fashion experts for spring/summer 2024. These practical all-in-ones, inspired by Yves Saint Laurent’s classic 70s Saharienne jacket, came with a belted waist, boxy top half, and a pocketed, slouchy trouser bottom. These jumpsuits combined Parisienne nonchalance, elegance, and power dressing in a single mind-blowing piece. To top it off, they were styled with chunky costume jewelry and pointed heels.

If you want to give your jumpsuits the Saint Laurent twist, all you need is a cinching sleek belt. To style it in a 2024-ish way, you can also reach out for some big earrings and heeled boots.

Tips To Make A Cool Style Statement In A Jumpsuit

If you wish to look your best in a jumpsuit, all you need to do is note these quality tips given below:

  • For warmer months, a floral jumpsuit can be a pretty addition to your wardrobe. To stay cooler during hot days, opt for a strapless jumpsuit.
  • Animal print suits or jumpsuits with similar bold prints make for an interesting outfit. With printed and patterned jumpsuits, you can always experiment and see what suits you the most.
  • Jumpsuits don’t offer a snug fit always but they can be billowy too. To accentuate your waist, you can use a sleek belt. If you go for a white jumpsuit, adding a colorful belt to it will make things more exciting.
  • You can try different jackets with tank top jumpsuits, sleeveless jumpsuits, and short-sleeve jumpsuits. Denim jackets and leather jackets go great with jumpsuits of complementary shades.

Without proper shoes, your outfit will remain incomplete. So, put on loafers, wedges, chunky platform boots, sneakers, slides, or strappy sandals.

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