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8 Killer Looks Donned By Female Celebs At Mtv Vmas 2023!

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  • September 25, 2023

The VMAs doesn’t fail to create iconic moments on the red carpet due to the cool approach of this
award ceremony that inspires stars to show off their glam while having fun. Hosted brilliantly by
MTV, this 2023 award show was the place where many beautiful celebrities rocked some of the most
sizzling designer dresses with unapologetic confidence. Scroll down to know more about their
deliciously glamorous looks.

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1) Cardi B

Fashion queen Cardi B turned all heads that night in a jazzy sleeveless gown portraying a unique
blend of silver and purple embellishments. The attachable cuff panels in matching design along
with her purple eyeshadow and long nails really made her stand out as a diva!

2) Taylor Swift

Apart from her fan-girl disposition among the audience at the VMAs that went viral, Tay Tay
looked sexy and comfortable in a slinky black gown that featured a long slit. Her layered
necklaces and black strappy sandals completed her stylish leg-baring outfit which she carried
confidently, radiating radiance.

3) Rita Ora

Producing a sort of bat-wing effect, the off-shoulder dress in black with long flowy sleeves that
Rita Ora wore created a dark emo witchy look in the best sense. Rita finished her snazzy attire
with silver glitter boots that added some spunk to her appearance.

4) Anitta

Anitta slayed eyes on the red carpet in her bold designer dress that exposed her midriff by virtue
of a unique keyhole cutout. Fusing weird and sexy, Anitta posed a rather trendily astonishing
look as she wore earrings in mismatched shades of yellow and orange. Well, we won’t forget this
look for sure like many others!

5) Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez showed who’s undoubtedly the “rare beauty” by opting for a red hot dress with
revealing cuts everywhere in which she flaunted her toned legs. The overall effect was that she
appeared to be a bombshell wrapped in red vines and that was ravishing to spectators!

6) Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee caught all eyes in her sheer and strapless black dress. The lines on the gown that
echoed corset vibes along with her sparkly grey neckpiece added a fresh feel to her bewitching

7) Olivia Rodrigo

Featuring dazzling crystals throughout, Olivia’s silver designer gown spoke style and exclusivity.
The singer who usually likes to dress up in a classic way to evoke the fashion of the ‘90s and ‘00s
nailed this shiny dress with effortless ease on the red carpet to capture the mood of that era.

8) Madelyn Cline

Producing the look of a nude dress, Madelyn Cline’s custom dress oozed a different kind of sex
appeal. Comprising of a corseted top and an opaque skirt with the fabric of the blouse plunging
to her belly button, this attire was definitely a unique pick. Though her legs peeked through the
skirt and it looked almost like a naked dress, what seems to be commendable is the fact that she
managed to make all jaws drop without showing excess skin!

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