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A Guide to Athleisure for Guys from Clothing Manufacturer

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  • April 9, 2021

With the majority of us working distantly and investing most of our time in stretch bottoms, lofty casual wear feels more pertinent than ever. Athleisure for guys offers a number of advantages that make it perfect for wearing whilst you WFH. It’s practical, versatile, and comfortable. One attire can take you straight from the fitness center to the workplace to running errands, or nowadays, straight from Zoom call to your sofa.

Athleisure can be described as a group of casual wear that blends features of athletic wear, workout clothes focused on moisture-wicking, mobility, and comfort, and street-wear, casual clothes made popular by pop culture, social media, and high-fashion. Though athleisure uses many of the same materials as tech-wear, the two clothing styles vary a bit. Whilst tech-wear prioritizes purpose over aesthetics, athleisure finds an equal balance between the two.Three main factors: functionality, fit, and fabric, defines the athleisure styles we sport today.

Let’s break down each one so you’ll be able to effortlessly identify wholesale men’s fitness clothing next time you’re out shopping.


Athleisure goes beyond making its wearer feel comfy and look amazing. It’s also very versatile and practical. The majority of athleisure articles use zippers, snaps, or drawstrings rather than buttons. You’ll often notice a plethora of pockets, hidden zippers, and cell-phone pockets. These days, some brands use patented technical materials to raise functionality in exclusive ways like offering thermal insulation or seeming reflective.


Athleisure lifts up itself from other athletic and casual clothing through a better fit. Streamlined silhouettes draw attention to the body and give off athleisure’s trademark ‘just left the gym” look. It’s essential to steer clear of loose clothes, which can make you look like you just rolled out of bed. By sporting well-fitting clothes that compliment your body, you’ll appear more put together, regardless of the fact you’re still in sweatpants.


Most activewear styles utilize performance fabrics such as spandex, rayon, nylon, and polyester. These flexible materials offer moisture-wicking, range of motion, and increased comfort. Also, they don’t wrinkle easily, making them ideal for stuffing inside a suitcase. Several outerwear styles are made with waterproof technical fabrics, making them just as useful for weekend hikes and morning commutes.

Business owners, you can also add sublimation clothing to your retail store which is popular as gym wear these days. Talk to the support team of one of the wholesale sublimation clothing suppliers in the industry and spell out your bulk order. The support team will reach out to you.

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