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Best Style Tips for Men This Thanksgiving

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  • November 15, 2023

The third Thursday of November is always special. It is a call for families and friends to come together and offer gratitude for the bounty of harvest, blessings, and good cheer. Thanksgiving not only brings near and dear ones closer but also brings about various kinds of food, fashion, and merriment. If people are getting together, thoughts of what to wear cannot be far behind! While speaking of fashion choices, women’s clothing lines readily come to mind. However, in 2023, men’s clothing lines and styling options are more varied than ever before. The following fashion tips for men will make for great memories (and, of course, those Insta-worthy pictures)!

Luxurious Sweaters And Jackets For That Sharp Look

It is fall and the weather will turn to the cooler side. This gives men several options to break out those cashmere knitwear and jackets to create the layered look. To mimic the Thanksgiving palette, woolen wear that is in shades of brown and tan, works very well. Neutral colors such as grey can also work well if paired with light-colored slacks on the bottom. To create that sharp dressed-up look for Thanksgiving, pairing a button-down dress shirt with a stiff collar that stands out from below that jacket or sweater, is an absolute winner. Thanksgiving also allows some mix and match without creating a fashion faux pas. For instance, it allows breaking that charcoal suit and throwing the jacket over a casual shirt, jeans, and sneakers. Even putting together something like an olive-green jacket with a simple white t-shirt creates a timeless classic look.

Sportswear For Added Stretch

Thanksgiving is closely associated with football, outdoor activities, and being active. For this wearing something more relaxed in fabrics that have a certain amount of stretch, works well. Stone-washed denim and fitted chinos when paired with polo t-shirts that come in vibrant colors such as orange and yellow, create an evergreen look that is hard to beat. Wearing darker and conventional denim with full-sleeved tees also has a look of its own. They work even better when layered with a leather or puffer jacket. Overall, thanksgiving creates opportunities to blend in casual wear with slightly dressier pants or jackets to create unique style statements.

Textured Wear For Thanksgiving With Friends

Thanksgiving is the time for friends and nothing is better than corduroy, tweed, or even prints. It is the perfect time to experiment with fabrics that are perhaps, lesser worn for the rest of the year. For instance, wearing straight corduroy pants with a white shirt and polished shoes is textbook perfect. For something more casual, soft flannel fabric that comes in a wide variety of checks and colors like red or green, can be explored. It goes really well with something casual like joggers and a fresh pair of sneakers to create a look straight out of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S sitcom.

Custom Clothing For Unique Looks

Finally, if you want to create something unique, custom clothing lines come in handy. Available in various sizes, textures, and colors, they can be customized to create unique looks that stand out from the rest. From coordinated color palettes to fits and tailoring, everything can be customized. Imagine creating something personalized for your family that no one else can replicate as easily. After all, the family that dresses as one, stays as one!

Thanksgiving is all about creating happy memories. Memories that one can look back upon and cherish. When creating those memories, it is important to be well-styled. Clothes that are meant for the Thanksgiving theme in terms of color palette, look, and feel, help to elevate the experience of togetherness. It is not just a holiday but also a time to create new bonds with those around you. Dressing well helps create that impression and shows effort. The fashion-forward efforts will pay off the entire year through new connections, food, travel, sports, and getting-together stories. What’s more, the fashion choices at the Thanksgiving dinner table will make for interesting conversations and photos that will live just beyond the evening. It is time to be grateful after all; and what better way than to be appropriately dressed for it!


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