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Eclectic Grandpa: What To Know And How To Join This Hot Trend

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  • February 5, 2024

Have you heard about the eclectic grandpa fashion trend? No? Drawing inspiration from vintage aesthetics or fashion sensibilities of the dear grandfathers, it’s making headlines everywhere these days. This innovative style statement screams retro and emphasizes clothing that was built to last long, back in the day.

If you want to know all about this fresh and hot trend, which clothing pieces are the best to ace the look, and an example of a perfect grandpa core outfit, read on!

What is It All About? – 5 Things to Know

  1. A focus on nostalgia and comfort lies at the heart of this trend. The cozy fabrics, oversized fits, and classic designs of the grandpa-special styles offer a sense of ease and familiarity to the wearer. The inclusion of clothing pieces that exude coziness and warmth, like chunky pullovers, sweaters, and cardigans is one of the prime aspects of this trend. Such apparel not only offers comfort to you but also reminds you how your grandpa wore them with pride.
  2. The eclectic grandpa trend is one of those trends that asks you to put your focus on the importance of longevity and sustainability in your apparel choices. You might remember your grandpa advising you to invest in pieces that are not only of premium quality but that will also stand the test of time. They did it and encouraged you on the same and now this trend does. Joining this trend, you contribute to a more sustainable fashion.
  3. Do you know which is the most fun part about it? It’s the hunt for extraordinary, retro pieces. If you wish to find clothing pieces that perfectly go with this trend, capturing its essence, Depop shops and thrift stores are the places where you should be! To add a personalized touch to the overall look, get hold of patched, eccentric, customized jackets. The librarian-meets-biker-babe look of the famed Bella Hadid was surely something, where the base of the ensemble was a light grey cable-knit sweater set, that she layered with a retro black leather jacket with a flame motif detail. The pair of geeky frames just added to it.
  4. The eclectic grandpa trend doesn’t make you stay restricted to a few styling choices but motivates you to cultivate your personal style through well-loved clothing items that will stay with you for a long period. Taking inspiration from your grandfather, you can play with these garments, add a few unique pieces of your own to the mix, and get an extraordinary look, that will set you apart from the rest. It allows you to express your individuality without merely copying your grandpa. Yes, this trend does offer a fresh take on fashion but it’s equally important to approach it with sincerity and authenticity. Consider investing in well-crafted clothing items that will also reflect your personal style.
  5. This trend has found a solid ground in social media platforms such as TikTok and Pinterest. As per Pinterest, Gen Z will ‘’embrace grandpacore and bring eccentric and expressive elements for the ages to their wardrobes’’. According to it, the coastal grandmother trend has bid adieu as the search for terms such as ‘’grandad style’’, ‘’retro streetwear’’, and ‘’eclectic clothing style’’ has peaked. Influencers and celebs are loving this trend, further fueling its popularity among the commoners. Tyler, the creator, Gigi Hadid, Kendell Jenner, and Harry Styles are a few famed names here.

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Some Cool Clothing Items That You Need


To align with the eclectic grandpa trend, you can consider going for a warm, cozy, and printed sweater in a muted tone. It not only goes well with the trend’s aesthetic but also offers protection against harsh weather.


Another important piece for the eclectic grandpa trend is the tweed jacket. Based on individual preferences, the length can be varied. If you wish to enhance the ‘grandpa appeal’, see to it that it comes with a suede patch on the sleeve.


You might know already how versatile a sweater vest featuring a V-neckline can be. After all, it lets you style it with different clothing pieces. Typically, it’s layered over a shirt to get a timeless look. An oversized vest, a more preferred version these days, offers a minimalistic, comfortable aesthetic to the wearer.


If you want to embrace this trend effortlessly, make sure you have some great pleated pants. The style, reminiscent of the outfits, majorly worn by grandfathers, has taken inspiration from K-pop idols and actors who beautifully incorporate it into their street-style fashion, therefore creating a contemporary fusion that pays special respect to conventional aesthetics.


Though usually associated with kids’ fashion, dungarees are slowly emerging as an important fashion staple within the increasingly popular eclectic grandpa fashion trend.


The ‘neckerchief’ was such a thing in the past. They were like the accessory of the moment. Many grandpas tied it around their neck (fitted like a necklace) for just the ideal finishing touch and now, you can as well with the help of a printed square scarf!

Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoes stood as an iconic footwear staple before the arrival of sneakers. So, if you want to get a complete eclectic grandpa look, put them on for sure. When you pair them with pleated pants, they will offer a classy touch to your appearance.

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How to Dress Following the Eclectic Grandpa Trend

It’s not that hard to create an eclectic grandpa look. Given below is an example:

For the base, you can use a crisp white tee. Layer it with a sweater in a neutral color (grey, black, or beige). As for bottoms, stick to pleated pants or woolen trousers. For shoes, you can go with oxfords or chukka boots. To give it a personal touch, you can accessorize with jewelry.

For those of you worrying about making some additions to your closet, you may find peace in this advice….

It won’t matter if the shades and prints clash a little as long as the clothing pieces are functional, comfortable, and can be successfully layered with everything else in the wardrobe.

Now that you understand this new style trend that is picking up steam, carefully follow all the above-mentioned suggestions, and you will be able to create a buzz as well without making any mistake!


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