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How Frequently Should You Replace Your Activewear?

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  • February 1, 2022

We’ll use any excuse to buy new activewear. That being said, we all have old stalwarts that we just don’t want to part with, such as that ill-fitting but gorgeous sports bra you’ve had for like, eternity, or those hideously see-through but very cozy exercise leggings you refuse to part with.

If you enjoy working out, you understand the significance of your activewear that you get from a famous private label activewear manufacturer. Finding the perfect fit, determining if it is supportive enough, and selecting the right colors and patterns may all be difficult. And after putting in all that effort to curate the ideal fitness gear, we should be set for life, right?

No, it does not.

Our sportswear and gym gear, like anything else we possess, has a shelf life. And, after a given amount of time, repeated usage might begin to wear on it, rendering it no longer as effective as it once was. While it may be difficult to let go of our beloved sneakers or sports bras from our track team days, doing so might have a detrimental influence on your training.

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Unfortunately, all activewear has an expiration date. Here’s how long they last, how to tell when it’s time to dump them, and how to make them last longer.

Sports bra

A sports bra has an average lifespan of 6 months to 1 year. If it no longer fits correctly, rides up, has deformed clasps, or is fading or frayed, it’s time to dump it. To make it last longer, always place it in a delicates bag when cleaning it, stop putting it in the dryer, and never leave it unwashed, as perspiration and deodorant build-up can degrade the fibers. We recommend bringing it into the shower with you after your workout, dabbing it with body wash, and allowing it to air dry.


Nobody wants a pair of worn and stretched leggings that show through when they squat. But how long does it take them to get to that point? It depends on the style and brand, but it may range from 6 months to 2 years (however if they’re extremely excellent quality and you take very good care of them, they could last forever!) We’ve noticed that compression leggings wear out faster since the elastic fibers are continually stretched when worn.

We recommend choosing leggings from top clothing manufacturers in USA with more spandex and nylon than cotton if you want to keep them for a longer period (as the latter expands more than technical fabrics and soaks up sweat and results in the fabric breaking down more rapidly.) It’s also a great idea to clean your leggings in cold water, air-dry them rather than placing them in the dryer and give them a day to breathe in between washes and wears.

The seams on the inner thighs of leggings receive the most wear and tear. Keep an eye on these and search for fraying or losing strings. This is a fantastic technique to tell when it’s time to replace them.


Your sports shoes are designed to hold your entire weight, so if they begin to “give,” it’s time for a new pair. Whether you’re performing squats or elliptical exercises, appropriate support is essential to protecting your form and joints.

The majority of running shoes are intended to last 500 to 800 kilometers. So, how long they endure is determined by the quality of the footwear and how frequently you beat the pavement. If the rubber tread on the underside of the shoe is worn down to the foam, the foam on the side of the sole looks creased, your shoes ‘lean’ to one side when resting on a flat surface, there are openings in the toes or upper part, the part of the shoe that caresses the heel looks malformed, or you’re experiencing any foot pain, it’s better to upgrade your training shoes.

If you put them in the washing machine, put them in a wash bag and never put them in the dryer to extend their life.

Training tops

When it comes to your workout top, you can get away with a lot more than the other items on this list. Unless it’s a compression or sweat-wicking shirt with built-in support, all that counts is that it fits and feels good (as your sports bra is doing the majority of the heavy lifting, so to speak).

Nevertheless, if it begins to smell or develops unsightly sweat stains, it’s time to throw it. To avoid this, we recommend wearing darker clothes and cleaning them soon rather than leaving them soiled in your closet for days, since the residue can cause damage and discoloration.

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