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The Ultimate Trouser Styles Every Man Should Own

  • kmseoclothm
  • September 23, 2021

Stylish suits, latest sneakers, statements jackets will always be a men’s favorite but don’t let that get to the top of your head so much so that you forget the everyday wear, the basic essentials of your wardrobe. Selecting the right kind of trousers can heighten your choice in fashion in front of others whereas going for the wrong ones will immediately make you an unpleasant site.

As a retailer, if you are with the set goal of making your own unique menswear collection, connect with the top among the clothing manufacturers and distributors.

Here are a few extremely popular trouser types that you might not have heard ever but should definitely consider.

The ever-popular wool trousers

In this list, this type deserves the first place as even when you will often see them worn casually, with the sleeves of the shirt rolled up, the wool trousers will look just as good worn in the traditional way.

Set your look in twill chinos

Cut from heavyweight cotton material, the twill chinos comes next in this section which if you decide to go for will definitely be a perfect trouser pair to invest some of your money in, considering its hardy nature. In case you want to sport a cool off duty look, for a hang out with friends, opt for them blindly and team them up with a t-shirt, throwing on an extra jacket and you are all sorted.

Rock it with corduroy trousers

This particular fabric will add to your charming personality and it’s just what you need for a formal look besides the usuals. Whether you match your slim-cut corduroy suit with your corduroy trousers or pair you them up with a tee and a jacket, that is completely your own personal choice, but in either way you will gain more attention you have thought of. Get hold of a pair of monk strap shoes to go with it.

‘Must-have’ pair of relaxed-legged trousers

Are you tired of wearing those skin tight jeans frequently and wonder what can be an equally stylish yet comforting option? Here comes the next type, the relaxed-legged trousers. These are creating a buzz day by day. The perfect cotton trousers go perfectly hand in hand with a light-gauge roll neck or a bomber jacket or a long coat. It depends completely on your personal taste. In case they come a bit too long, roll up the hem as per your requirement and give it a greater look.

Draw attention with your drawstring trousers

Not until very recent that the drawstring trousers were able to improve their reputation, eventually emerging victorious and making a mark in menswear. They were always confined to being sportswear once and nothing more than that but now you can forget those days and bring out your inner fashion stylist by choosing a pair to go with your red no sleeve V-neck sweater or simply with a light colored tee. You even have the option to wear them with your jackets and blazers. Choice is yours!

The cargo trouser versatility

Cargo trousers are making a return to the fashion industry. The rule of thumb for getting your cargo trouser look right is to ensure that middle ground comes somewhere between slim and spacious. If you are someone with an eye for dark colors, then a khaki green pair will work great with just about anything in grey or navy, whereas in case you prefer light, subtle colors then thinking about a beige cargo trouser and pairing it with say a canary yellow tee is just right. Additionally, a bomber or a denim jacket won’t do any harm.

If you are a business owner looking for jackets, tee shirts and many more in men’ collection, it is recommended to get in touch with one of the top clothing manufacturers in USA.

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