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Top 3 Tips for a Comfortable Winter Workout Routine

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  • November 11, 2021

Working out during the winter season is really not easy. If you are not experienced then chances are that when the cold weather descends, you have a tendency to curl back into your shell. However, to maintain optimum health, you need to venture out and allow your body to face the elements but with adequate care.

There are a few factors that you need to consider like dressing up in correct clothing, carrying suitable gear, etc. One of the best fitness clothing manufacturers have come up with a range of winter fitness apparel that you can look through, the details of which is given in the blog below!

Pre-train for your sport

The key is to choose an activity that you genuinely enjoy. It can be anything from running, skiing, cycling, or even hiking into the deep woods and camping. If you’re new to an activity, chances are that by the first few hours, your key muscles will become weary. To beat the chills and warm up your muscles you need to first practice strengthening your core. Always wear thermoregulated clothing that will not allow the heat to escape but will ensure air circulation as well.

Correct gear

About 95% of exercising comfortably depends on wearing the correct clothes. You need to invest in functional, sweat-wicking fabrics, which has an anti-microbial underlining for the perfect base layer. Make sure to avoid cotton as it won’t do you any good during the winter season. The mid-layer should have adequate insulation like a performance best. Lastly, the outerwear should be able to protect you from the elements hence these need to be waterproof yet should feel comfortable enough to workout in.

Protect your head, hands, and toes

Since the bulk of body heat is stored in your core, it can leave your heads, hands and toes exposed to cold.  You need to ensure proper heat regulation throughout the head and hands. You can wear a neck warmer, a warm head cover and investing in good socks is essential. This is important for comfort and traction.

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