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Apparel Production

Pre-Production - Fabrics - Samples

The textiles are sent through a pre-shrunk wash to reduce shrinking issues. Before production begins, any adjustments to elements such as position, size, print colors, and fitting will be finalized in a pre-production sample.

Bulk Apparel Production

The lead time for manufacturing clothes is typically 4-8 weeks after confirmation and receipt of the final authorized samples, purchase order, design, and down-payment.

Quality Assurance

We endeavor to produce high-quality products that will keep your customers returning. Before packaging, our quality control teams will conduct regular quality control inspections to identify and correct any issues.


We know that the devil is in the details when it comes to clothes manufacturing. Before delivery to the final destination, all products are steam ironed, carefully folded, individually packaged in poly bags, and boxed.

Our Process

Fabric Selection
Cut & Sewing

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